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Philippine Green Building Initiative (PGBI), represented by Ar. Mel Punsalan, and representing the private sector for the Philippines, attended the Training Program on the Dissemination and Promotion of ZEB (Zero Energy Building) and ZEB Family Concept from September 3 to 7, 2018 in Tokyo, Japan. This training was implemented by the Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships (AOTS) and entrusted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) of Japan.

Class picture of participants representing eight ASEAN countries: Indonesia, Cambodia, Lao Republic, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Philippines.
Visit to a BELS certified and certified Zero Energy Building, TAISEI building. Major features include insulated building envelope, daylighting, horizontal and vertical PV system and radiant cooling system.
The culminating activity of the program is the presentation of an action plan for each country. Ar. Mel Punsalan, together with Engr. Ariel Deinla of the DTI-BPS presented a proposed action plan for the Philippines.
Receiving the Certification of Completion of the training from Mr. Mitsuo Matsumoto of METI.


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