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GREEEN Buildings


GREEEN Kamagong Award

Annual Energy Use Savings: 52 to 70%

Recovered Energy: 12.11%

Renewable Energy: Use5 to 6%

Energy Utilization Index (EUI) in kWh/Sq M/Year: ≤ 46.3

Annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduced (in CO2): 488 MT

Site Utilization & Environmental ResponseSustainable

Material Use and Sourcing: Low Impact

Solid Waste Collection & Segregation: Practiced

Annual Water Use Savings: 30.70%

Passive Design (Daylighting & Natural Ventilation): Excellent

Thermal Comfort: Acceptable

Indoor Air Quality: Acceptable

GREEEN Construction & Building Operations: Practiced & Documented

Climate Change Resiliency: Prepared

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