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PGBI representative: Ar. Amado de Jesus, Jr. fuap, July 16 to 18, 2019, Orchard Hotel, Singapore

The training was aimed at building capacity and strengthening the network among policy makers, academics and professionals working in the building sector in Southeast Asia, and to equip them with greater knowledge and skills to establish the path towards a low-emission, efficient and resilient buildings and construction sector in their respective countries.

According to Architect De Jesus, following the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction’s methodology for the development of building sector roadmaps, the sessions explored timelines and target setting, policy and technology approaches, investment and capacity building, as well as the multiple benefits of energy efficiency for the following themes:

  1. Building planning and design: including new buildings; retrofits; and materials.

  2. Building systems and operation: including systems for cooling; lighting; water heating; building management and building operations.

  3. Policy in action: including policy implementation of buildings policies, and monitoring and evaluation.


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