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Shown receiving the award from Engr. David B. Farala, Chairman/ President of PGBI, is Mr. Karri Lacha Reddy, Project Director, MEGAWIDE GMR Construction JV, Inc. Also shown are Engr. Ramon D. Aguilos, EDGE Program Director -together with other members of the Board of Trustees, Engrs Leandro A. Conti & Cesar Luis Lim. Also shown are from left: Mr. Noel Regalado & Mr. Rajesh Gandla of MGCJV Inc.

PGBI has awarded MGCJVI a Preliminary EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) Certificate for the New Passenger Terminal Building in Angeles, Pampanga, Philippines. Also, it is the first Airport in the Philippines to undergo EDGE Certification.  The EDGE award indicates that the New Passenger Terminal Building is a resource-efficient design which resultedin reductions of 24% in energy, 29% in water and 55% in materials’ embodied energy compared to a local base case.

The Preliminary EDGE Certificate is valid for a three-year period. Once the construction of the New Passenger Terminal Building is completed, a site audit will be performed by an EDGE auditor to issue the final certification.

PGBI with Mr. Rajesh Gandla, Planning and Cost Control Head, Megawide

EDGE makes it faster and easier to certify a project as green.  With a minimum of 20% savings in energy, water and embodied energy in materials, the project can be certified.  The most cost-effective choices can be determined for building green and utility savings can be estimated.

A preliminary EDGE certificate can be obtained at the design stage and the project  is promoted with the EDGE brand even before it has been built. Final certification is required once the project is constructed.

EDGE brings a numbers-based approach to certification, helping the proponent to attract new customers and make a statement of environmental responsibility.


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